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I am now working in the Chamber of commerce and industry of Paris and a friend of me from China asks me about how do oversea buyers think about the Chinese B2B Websites? Well... it's tough to give the answer, since there are too many B2B websites in China. But I can give you a reference ranking of how I think and how European buyers think about the Chinese B2B website:

1) Alibaba: For sure, it is the best known B2B website coming from China. I saw a lot of adverstising of Alibaba in Africa but not a lot in Europe;

2) WanaSource (www.wanasource.com): This website is very well known in Europe and it is very famous for its French version of presentation. I think if people want to open the market like France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland or even those french speaking countries in Africa, WanaSource is maybe the best choice. They are very active in Europe and even the Industrial and commercial chamber of Paris has built up a partnership with them. So don't miss it...

3) Tdctrade: everybody who has already gone to Hong Kong know this website. Yes because it is sponsored by the Hong Kong trade consil. we know it very well in Europe. However, the online service is quite difficult to use since the speed is not fast at all. But I know it is very good for certain ranges of products.

4) Globalsource: I know Globalsource is a big company since they are already in the Nasdaq stock market. There are a lot of information in the website and the services are good. However, personally, I think the design of the website is bad and most of my friends don't like using it. However, it is still a quite useful website and people search some products on it.

So these are the four best B2B websites that I have chosen for Chinese suppliers. If you guys want to target the European market, please make a intelligent choice among them.

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